Interior Design & your Mental Health

How does a room make you feel when you enter it?

This is the question everyone should ask themselves when designing a home.  Many objects and elements can have a huge impact on your mood.  Using the psychology of interior design when choosing things like colour, textures and lighting can help create a positive and comfortable space for you, your family & friends. 

Colours are usually the first thing that we base our room design decisions on.  They can influence our thinking, inspire our creativity, and impact our moods.  Decide what the main purpose of each room will be, then you can start to decide which colours might give you the desired effect in each area.



This is one of the most used spaces in the house, so it is important that it’s inviting and clutter free.  Neutral tones are ideal for a hallway, it helps encourage a sense of connection and a desire to stay and talk (not that we need any more encouragement for the Irish long goodbye).  I particularly love the use of white in a hallway accompanied by earthy coloured textures and plants like the below image, it gives the impression of a larger space.  I would recommend using a paint like eggshell or satin, it reflects light and is easier to clean. 

The Living Room

One of the most important rooms in the house and it should 100% suit your personality!  In my house we use this room for cosy nights by the fire, watching movies, reading, and munching takeout food (yummy).  Comfort needs to be a priority in here, by using textures and adding plenty of cushions, rugs, and throws you will create that cosy feel.  The ambience also needs to be exactly right, and by using lamps and candles you can achieve this perfectly (no big light on in here please!). 

Blue is the perfect colour for lounging and resting in, it is a calming colour that can make you feel rested and secure.  Pastel blues can come across as very cold so I would recommend warm blues in a living room.  Use golds and shades of brown to balance it all out.  I love to add some green to a blue room in the form of plants and a few accent colours to make it feel like you are bringing the outside in, which also adds to that calm feeling.


Another room that suits a warm neutral colour, mainly since it evokes a desire to stay and talk, perfect when you are having all those dinner parties.  Plus, it’s a great blank canvas to introduce plants and fresh flowers alongside natural wood, which gives it that earthy organic feel and brings the outside in (there I go again with the bringing the outside in…..are you starting to see a theme?).

Why not add some fancy art, especially if it’s by a local artist, as this can be a great conversation starter when entertaining guests and there is an awkward silence, (it happens) and also a great way to add a pop of colour.  Another way to do this is to add coloured chairs.  You may or may not like the colour orange but another fun fact with colour is that this one stimulates your appetite. (Interesting huh!)


The heart of the home.  A space that should be both practical and designed to your taste.  It needs to be clutter free, easy to clean, user friendly and have plenty of storage.  (tip – design your wall cupboards right to the ceiling to maximise storage space and make your room feel bigger)

Yellow is the best colour to use in a kitchen, it is a colour that naturally brightens your mood and increases your energy, the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee.  This does not mean you have to have yellow cupboards or walls, but a few accessories will do the same job.  I found this image on Pinterest and I fell in love straight away, I would be happy walking into this kitchen every morning. 

Home Office

A room we are using a lot more these days!  Green is a great colour for your home office, it symbolises prosperity and helps reduce anxiety.  We all know the outdoors has a way of clearing our minds so why not give your home office the natural feel.  Wooden elements are linked to health and personal growth so why not get a desk made from local wood, click here to see how.  

The image below is designed by @beataheuman, be sure to give her a follow on Instagram, her style is sure to cheer anyone up!


This is the room that we go to feel clean and pure, that’s why white tiles and walls are my favourite option for bathrooms and en-suites.  Again, this is a perfect room for natural elements especially lots and lots of plants!  Check out my blog on plants to find out the best types for each room. 


Blue is the colour of calm and restfulness, so it’s no wonder it is a great option for a bedroom.  When teamed with white it can give that feeling of protection and freshness.  There is an accent of pink in this bedroom, because there is such a thing called the Pink Effect.  This is when exposure to pink can have a calming effect on the nerves and helps represents feelings of happiness, love, and peace. 

‘I want my bedroom to feel like a boutique hotel room’ is the brief I get almost every time I’m asked to design one and this is exactly what we did here with this four poster bed to give the client that feeling of luxury.