How Artwork Can Finish a Room

We have an upcoming project that we can’t wait to share with you, and from the beginning we asked if the clients had any artwork they wanted to keep. As we moved along from the initial brief to mood boards, we went through artwork options. It was important to have our client thinking about what they wanted in the space overall and not just the large furniture pieces. This meant we could think about using their pieces to potentially create focal points, it helped with choosing their colour palettes and the finishing touches to the living room and dining area.

Focal Point

If you have artwork you have owned for years and still love, then why not make it a focal point? Design around it to ensure that at the end it does work in your new room. This could be a large bold painting above your mantelpiece or above the bed in the master bedroom. Or, for a different approach, you could turn a feature wall into a focal gallery wall.

Colour Palette and Texture

One of the most fun parts of designing a room is choosing a colour scheme. Other textiles should be considered, like flooring, worktops and furniture. Thinking about art during this stage of the design can considerably improve your overall design. For example, if you like to keep your interior minimalist and subtle, then you can use art to add a splash of bold colour.

Do you have a series of pictures that you think would work perfectly on a wall in your living room, or a large painting to place centre stage above the fireplace? If so, these can help when choosing your colour options and can inspire the final colour scheme.

Finishing Touches

It is the finishing touches that can often be the most important. It might be a piece of art that you love and have held onto for years or have your heart set on a coffee table that you’ve been eyeing for months. If you don’t take these things into account at the beginning, you could wind up with something that doesn’t work with those finishing touches you had at the back of your mind. Everything, including the artwork and furnishings, should be considered from the very beginning of any design process.



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